The Finest Cedar Hedges and Installation in Eastern Ontario

1-Year Warranty

Roots Down Landscaping gives a one year written warranty. With proper care your hedge will thrive. No matter when we plant we guarantee the trees for 12 months from the date of planting. If a tree does not take root (it will be crispy copper coloured, top to bottom), we'll cheerfully replace it at no charge, of course.


After placing your order for your Eastern White cedar hedge from Roots Down Landscaping, we ask that you place a wooden stake where you wish to begin and one where you wish to end the hedge. Run a string line between the two and add more stakes for corners and bends.

Roots Down Landscaping will plant the centre of the cedar tree on the string line — removing the string after the site is defined. This ensures an accurate planting eliminating confusion. We ask that you acquire any locator required for your area before digging — for example gas/telephone/electric/cable etc.

Upon arrival our fully uniformed staff are able to address any further needs for your specific job.

Roots Down Landscaping plants our cedar trees using existing soil which we can amend with bone meal — a root stimulant — and peat moss — a moisture retainer.


Roots Down Landscaping does all of our digging and planting by hand.

Trenching for the cedar hedge is done with hand shovels keeping costs to our customers down. This also ensures our attention to soil type and planting conditions, allowing us to adapt where necessary.

We plant directly into water where necessary and will generally need access to water.

Upon completion we fully clean the affected site and leave it better than when we came.

Ask about our maintenance-free package.