The Finest Cedar Hedges and Installation in Eastern Ontario

1-Year Warranty

Roots Down Landscaping gives a one year written warranty. With proper care your hedge will thrive. No matter when we plant we guarantee the trees for 12 months from the date of planting. If a tree does not take root (it will be crispy copper coloured, top to bottom), we'll cheerfully replace it at no charge, of course.

Cedar Hedge Maintenance

Care Procedures or After Planting Your Cedar Hedge

Please read carefully and follow these instructions to maintain your warranty.


Cedars need lots of water.

It almost impossible to overwater a properly-planted cedar hedge. After initial planting your hedge should be watered every evening (unless it rains) for a period of 30 to 45 minutes for the first year. A soaker hose on a timer is highly recommended due to its equal and gentle watering methods. This will prevent unnecessary erosion of the freshly placed soil.

Cedar hedging should receive extra watering during dry summers and several heavy waterings until freeze up in the fall if the fall has been dry. The right amount of water is the amount that keeps the soil moist at all times to ensure the cedar trees do not get distressed. When watering in the summer heat it is best to water in the evening so as not to scorch the tree's foliage to keep the evaporation to a minimum. Watering in the fall before the ground freezes enables the roots to bulk up before going into winter, ensuring they will be strong and healthy entering spring.

Lack of a consistent source of water is the main reason for the decline of a healthy growing hedge.


Early spring, when things start to bloom, is the perfect time to fertilize your Eastern White cedar hedge.

For warranty purposes use bloodmeal, sheep manure and/or Miracle Gro for shrubs. This will provide the proper nutrients without burning the hedge (follow label directions closely). The only other time you need to fertilize is in the fall, again using the same fertilizers, to help provide the roots with nutrients to keep the trees healthy during the winter dormancy.


Give your hedge a full year to get established.

To promote the health of your new cedar hedge follow these tips,

  • Your new cedar hedge does not require much care, pruning can improve foliage density and appearance.
  • The preferred trimming period is between June 20 and August 1.
  • During the early years of your new cedar hedge, only prune the sides.
  • If topping is required, trim the tops of your cedars when they reach the height you want.
  • Aim for a rounded top to allow the sun to penetrate and ensure better resistance to the weight of snow.