The Finest Cedar Hedges and Installation in Eastern Ontario

Eastern White Cedar

Eastern White Cedar is a naturally occurring native species of fast-growing coniferus trees. (Thuja occidentalis). Its familiarity with the sometimes harsh realities of the Ottawa area's fluctuating climate makes it the ideal choice for local planting.

The Eastern White Cedar is a robust tree, beginning its life as yellowish green cones which grow in clusters. It is a quickly-establishing tree, sometimes growing up to two feet per year in its early life. The young Eastern White Cedar grows rapidly and in spurts, however once established a mature tree will grow slowly but surely. It will live for about 200 years occasionally surviving much longer. The bark of the young tree is silver and shiny, growing darker and separating into flat panels as it ages.

The Eastern White Cedar is a very versatile species and can be maintained to almost any size and shape.

Your new hedge can be kept within very manageable height or can be left to grow wild as high as 15 m and almost as thick as it is tall.

About Us

Roots Down Landscaping is a family-owned and operated local company specializing in creating beautiful privacy cedar hedges.

Our roots are in the Ottawa region.

With two generations of family and over 30 years of expertise in cedar hedge installation we have provided natural eco fencing Eastern White Cedar Hedging across the Ottawa region.

Our Employees

Roots Down Landscaping holds high standards while selecting our employees to install our cedar hedging. We hire professionals and instill the required knowledge to provide outstanding service to all our clients. Our employees are rigourously trained in a variety of horicultural and eco-friendly practices and follow stringent safety practices. Our employees are always courteous and in full uniform, have a good work ethic, and strive to leave a property in great shape. Roots Down Landscaping leaves no mess behind.


Specializing in cedar hedging while staying up-to-date in all of the modern landscaping techniques and practices makes us an industry leader.

Our commitment to use cedar trees from our farms and work with local farmers and landowners keeps our cedar hedging suited to and adapted specifically for the Ottawa region.