The Finest Cedar Hedges and Installation in Eastern Ontario

1-Year Warranty

Roots Down Landscaping gives a one year written warranty. With proper care your hedge will thrive. No matter when we plant we guarantee the trees for 12 months from the date of planting. If a tree does not take root (it will be crispy copper coloured, top to bottom), we'll cheerfully replace it at no charge, of course.

Don't get lost in a maze of choices! Plant some roots with Roots Down Landscaping


Fast growing cedar hedge is an excellent way to create privacy and shelter around your home

There is nothing more beautiful than a permanent border or screen made from a living cedar hedge structure.

Ottawa Cedar Hedge Experts

In Eastern Ontario, an Eastern White Cedar hedge from Roots Down Landscaping is one of the easiest to grow and maintain.

It provides privacy, screening and a formal look to any landscape. A fast-growing cedar hedge can be used to mark the perimeter of a garden or to provide a degree of privacy or protection. They also make a wonderful background for other plants, patios, pools, fire pit areas, and furniture. The Eastern White Cedar is a very versatile species and can be maintained to almost any size and shape.

When your cedar hedge is planted properly by a reputable installer like Roots Down Landscaping, these uniform fast-growing cedar trees will create a beautiful dense evergreen hedge to the desired height in just a short period of time. Their added benefit is their ability to change temperatures and noise levels in the garden. Roots Down Landscaping can show you that not only does cedar hedging screen views but its also creates a unique environment for growing other tender plants that require shelter, creating a garden oasis in a busy urban neighborhood.

Choosing the right cedar hedge is as important as choosing who installs it

Roots Down Landscaping's personal relationship with the Eastern White Cedar ensures we both thrive. Family owned and operated out of the Merrickville area, Roots Down Landscaping has been a leading cedar hedging supplier in Eastern Ontario with over 30 years of combined expertise in cedar hedge installations.  

Get the privacy you want with fast growing hedges, an Eco-Friendly Natural solution.

Servicing the greater Ottawa region, Roots Down Landscaping offers eco-friendly cedar solutions to traditional fencing options.


We are currently offering specials on all of our Cedar Hedge planting. Trees from 3-12 ft. Now booking. Call to inquire about Landscaping — we do projects ranging from tree removal to soil and sod installation. Ask about our variety of native species.


Eastern White Cedar

Eastern White Cedar is a naturally occurring native species of fast-growing coniferus trees. (Thuja occidentalis). Its familiarity with the sometimes harsh realities of the Ottawa area's fluctuating climate makes it the ideal choice for local planting.

The Eastern White Cedar is a robust tree, beginning its life as yellowish green cones which grow in clusters. It is a quickly-establishing tree, sometimes growing up to two feet per year in its early life. The young Eastern White Cedar grows rapidly and in spurts, however once established a mature tree will grow slowly but surely. It will live for about 200 years occasionally surviving much longer. The bark of the young tree is silver and shiny, growing darker and separating into flat panels as it ages.

The Eastern White Cedar is a very versatile species and can be maintained to almost any size and shape.

Your new hedge can be kept within very manageable height or can be left to grow wild as high as 15 m and almost as thick as it is tall.